5 Key Points about the Future of Digital

Organic SEOYesterday I attended the TFM&A, an event now in its 13th year for digital types to listen to seminars from leading minds, network and source new technologies for their companies.
Working for a small company I was there with my colleagues to find new ideas and future inspiration.
All in all I felt the insight from the seminars was much less than in previous years. Perhaps this was because I’m a little older and wiser, but one talk which did stand out (despite the blatant product placement of Google products like Android and Google Glass) was the opening Keynote by Richard Robinson, Director at Google, which outlined 5 interesting key points on where the future of digital…

My memes – Facebook and Photoshop Fun!

Dilbert - I did nothing today and still got paid!

Mucking around on the internet is nothing new, we’ve all done it at some point – after all, who can honestly say they’ve never had to quickly minimise all their windows on their computer when their teacher or boss walks behind them?

Anyway, in the spirit of dicking around on the internet and annoying my friends on Facebook here’s a small collection of silly images, inspired by internet memes, puns or simply my attempts to exploit the new Facebook profile page…


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Facebook Hack

Facebook Hack

Thanks to the new layout template for Facebook it is now possible to have a mosaic style profile picture.

French artist Alexandre Oudin was the first person to really grasp the full potential of this new template layout, positioning his eyes perfectly. My attempt to recreate his Facebook finesse may fall short but nonetheless I tried my damnedest the enter this world of geekery.

To  view my attempt scroll down/ click the Read More link below.

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Window 8 Second Demos – alternative version

Sometimes when you’re watching TV and a commercial comes on you can’t help but think they’re not being 100% honest with you. That’s why I’ve given Microsoft’s recent 8 Second Demo campaign a subtle bit of subtitling.