What’s in a meme?

Memes - what's in a meme?

What's in a meme?

The word meme, pronounced like cream, is a relatively new term for a way of sharing ideas, styles and behaviours that spread from one culture to another – catchphrases, fashion and religious beliefs are all types of meme (see image).

The word is derived from the Greek mimëma, meaning something imitated and was originally coined by Richard Dawkins in the Selfish Gene.

“The concept comes from an analogy: as genes transmit biological information, memes can be said to transmit ideas and belief information.”
Wikipedia, aka fountain of all knowledge.

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What do Lol Cats and Dr Dre have in common?

Anti-music lol cat

It’s a somewhat tenuous link but Dr Dre and the Lol Cats, well at least one of the aforementioned cats who enjoy laughing out loud, do indeed share a common interest.

Is it their flagrant disregard for spelling? No.

Is it their questionable use of grammar? No, although as can be seen in Dre’s 1993 hit song “Ain’t nuthin but a G thang” there are so many things wrong in the title alone that it hurts my brain. Continue reading

The lowest form of humour?

Pun-aholics annonymous

Frank Furter, a fellow member of pun-aholics anonymous

As I stand up from my chair I feel the other people sitting around me staring intently.

“Hello. My name is Alex and I’m a pun-ahoic” I say in a quiet voice.

As I sit down the circle of other pun-aholics clap.

It started about a year ago and has really begun to take over my life. I can remember, once a-pun a time not too long ago (in a galaxy far far away), that I never really knew what a pun was.

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