A long running joke

The Running Commandments

As some of you may or may not know, last year I foolishly enrolled myself to take part in the 2011 Brighton marathon. This somewhat foolhardy decision was brought about after having witnessed runners of all shapes and sizes completing last year’s marathon which left me thinking – “I could do that!

However, after many a long and dull training run I can assure you that running is not a wonderful stress relieving, meditative activity, it is a silly sport – there is little pleasure to be derived from a run which lasts longer than 2 hours. In fact, aside from trying to stop my earphones from falling out by continually jamming them back into my ears, one of the only ways I’ve managed to keep myself sane on these long pavement-pounding runs is by people-watching, particularly by watching other runners.

There are many different types of runner that you might encounter whilst going out for a pleasant walk (or an unpleasant run) . Obviously you get super-sporty types and then the not-so-sporty runners but there are many more varieties of runner you can find dashing around your town or city:

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Brighton Marafun

Brighton Marathon Medley

London, New York, Paris and now Brighton.

Sunday 18th April saw the inauguration of Brighton into the world of major long distance events and has widely been deemed to have been an overwhelming success, with both runners and the people of Brighton and Hove. Continue reading

Let’s start on a positive note: A list of things I dislike

Having not so long ago lost my four wheeled friend to a poorly maintained road in Brighton has left me with much time for contemplation on our fair city’s public transport. Admittedly the bus service in Brighton is fantastic and travelling on the top deck still evokes a child-like joy in me, not to mention the always entertaining and informative free publication that is The Metro, but before I digress into public transport nerdery let me share with you the little things which deeply disagree with me:

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