A Doodle A Day

Doodle a day - front picture

Doodle time!

One sketch a day. That’s what the Christmas present I received from my girlfriend demands. It’s a great way to keep a visual journal, while also rekindling my enjoyment of drawing.

I’ll share my efforts on this page with daily(ish) uploads.

PS. Comment and send me suggestions for future drawings Continue reading

Seven things to make you smile

Victor Meldrew

It was recently brought to my attention that much of the content on my blog has been negative, this is compounded by the fact that I have even gone so far as to create a category for Ranting and that my very first blog was dedicated to compiling a list of Things I Dislike.

I have however, temporarily, seen the error of my ways and would like to redress the balance, realign my chi and find my blogging center.

After much soul-searching and a few weeks of careful observation I have found seven reasons to smile, even on these cold, dark, dank and gloomy days. Continue reading

Being a dickhead’s cool!

Hipster dog


There is currently a very funny Youtube video circulating on the web. This video is proper jokes and an excellent social commentary which takes a humorous swipe at the cool kids in society.

If you haven’t already seen it posted on one of your friend’s Facebook walls or in the Twitosphere click here to watch it now. Continue reading

Totally awesome man!


Sometimes you just have to take your hat off to some people and say well done. This is one of those instances –

I direct your attention to Neil Pasricha’s 1,000 Awesome Things blog.  Admittedly, as proved by the hit counter on this blog, Neil clearly doesn’t need your hits, whereas I, for reasons relating to my personal self-esteem, do. Continue reading

The 90-9-1 Principle – Not a crap game show but an interesting theory

Social media galore!

Whilst at work the other day my manager sent me a really interesting link, or as my co-worker chose to call it, “a time vampire (something that devours a lot of your time).

Basically this is new research into the field of social networks and online communities, which sounds geeky (and it is geeky). Ultimately what the researcher found is very interesting and something which I’m sure anyone who uses the internet on a social level will be able to apply to their own online circle of friends.

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If cats could blog.

What with the bank holiday, my busy work schedule and the ever important pub quizzing, I have not yet been able to release a blog piece this week

However, worry ye not, a new piece will be out very soon and I’m positively brimming with ideas!

Oh the excitement!

The Joy of Tech - If cats could blog.

First time Bloggy

Hello, bonjour and bienvenido! Thank you for coming to my blog page, a place where I will endeavor to regularly write, post other pieces of interest and host the vegetables of my creative loins.