A Doodle A Day

Doodle a day - front picture

Doodle time!

One sketch a day. That’s what the Christmas present I received from my girlfriend demands. It’s a great way to keep a visual journal, while also rekindling my enjoyment of drawing.

I’ll share my efforts on this page with daily(ish) uploads.

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Facebook Hack

Facebook Hack

Thanks to the new layout template for Facebook it is now possible to have a mosaic style profile picture.

French artist Alexandre Oudin was the first person to really grasp the full potential of this new template layout, positioning his eyes perfectly. My attempt to recreate his Facebook finesse may fall short but nonetheless I tried my damnedest the enter this world of geekery.

To  view my attempt scroll down/ click the Read More link below.

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Surreal Successes

Marcel Duchamp - Fountain

Marcel Duchamp - Fountain

It’s nothing new, but being zany and abstract has long been a popular advertising strategy. Ultimately if the advertising campaign captures people’s imaginations enough it will go viral, especially with the help of video sharing sites such as Youtube. In turn a viral advert will generate far more publicity than a short lived run on TV ever

could. Recent examples for which this has been true are adverts such as Compare the meerkat, the hugely successful Cadburys drumming gorilla and to a lesser extent the T-Mobile dancing flash mob commercials. Continue reading