Jubilee schmubilee

Diamond Jubilee Lambrini


Royalist, republican, or really couldn’t give a toss-ican,  I’m sure most of  you are fed up with all the hullabaloo surrounding the anniversary of our Queen’s 60th year on the throne (she must really be in need of some Senokot) .

However, it’s not our fair Queen’s record breaking long reign that’s raining on my parade, instead it’s the inescapable publicity and uncontrollable amounts of Union Jack-themed merchandise everywhere you look.

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What’s in a meme?

Memes - what's in a meme?

What's in a meme?

The word meme, pronounced like cream, is a relatively new term for a way of sharing ideas, styles and behaviours that spread from one culture to another – catchphrases, fashion and religious beliefs are all types of meme (see image).

The word is derived from the Greek mimëma, meaning something imitated and was originally coined by Richard Dawkins in the Selfish Gene.

“The concept comes from an analogy: as genes transmit biological information, memes can be said to transmit ideas and belief information.”
Wikipedia, aka fountain of all knowledge.

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What’s the offside rule again?

FIFA 2010 World CupThe World Cup is nearly upon us! Just one week to go now! Time to rejoice, drink to excess and puff out our chests with patriotic pride. Regardless of whether you even really like football or not it’s hard not to get swept up in the wave of excitement that always accompanies this quadrennial event.

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Surreal Successes

Marcel Duchamp - Fountain

Marcel Duchamp - Fountain

It’s nothing new, but being zany and abstract has long been a popular advertising strategy. Ultimately if the advertising campaign captures people’s imaginations enough it will go viral, especially with the help of video sharing sites such as Youtube. In turn a viral advert will generate far more publicity than a short lived run on TV ever

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Window 8 Second Demos – alternative version

Sometimes when you’re watching TV and a commercial comes on you can’t help but think they’re not being 100% honest with you. That’s why I’ve given Microsoft’s recent 8 Second Demo campaign a subtle bit of subtitling.