5 Key Points about the Future of Digital

Organic SEOYesterday I attended the TFM&A, an event now in its 13th year for digital types to listen to seminars from leading minds, network and source new technologies for their companies.
Working for a small company I was there with my colleagues to find new ideas and future inspiration.
All in all I felt the insight from the seminars was much less than in previous years. Perhaps this was because I’m a little older and wiser, but one talk which did stand out (despite the blatant product placement of Google products like Android and Google Glass) was the opening Keynote by Richard Robinson, Director at Google, which outlined 5 interesting key points on where the future of digital…
  1. There are currently 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide. It is predicted that by 2020 this number will have more than doubled (5 billion).
  2. 60% of all internet users bought something online in the last month.
  3. Internet users expect more. If your site takes 3 seconds or longer to load you will end up losing  50% of visitors.
  4. If someone’s had a bad customer experience with your site 79% won’t come back.
  5. Finally let’s finish with a triple helping of mobile stats:
    • 1.1 billion people in the World now have 3G/4G access.
    • It is forecast that in the UK smartphone penetration is set to hit 75%.
    • Almost a third of web hits now come from mobile users

Food for thought for companies without a mobile/responsive site!


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