Brighton Marafun

Brighton Marathon Medley

London, New York, Paris and now Brighton.

Sunday 18th April saw the inauguration of Brighton into the world of major long distance events and has widely been deemed to have been an overwhelming success, with both runners and the people of Brighton and Hove. The course was a gruelling coastline jaunt starting in Preston Park and stretching all the way Eastward to Rottingdean before somewhat cruelly running Westward, past the finish line on Madeira Drive, to Shroreham and back again.

Of the 7589 that started an amazing 98.25%, or 7426 people, completed the event (thank you GCSE level maths). It is estimated that 80,000 people turned out to cheer on the brave/foolish runners, that’s over ten supporters to every person who entered, on what was an incredibly sunny and warm April day. Already The Argus, AKA the dubious anti-student local Brighton newspaper and popular barbecue firelighter, has quoted the organisers as saying that next year’s marathon will be ‘bigger and better‘,  now I don’t know about you but I for one am glad that it won’t be smaller and worse next year.

As a volunteer and a spectator on the day of the marathon with Macmillan cancer support I was able to capture a few moments that somewhat depict the carnival atmosphere which was prevalent all over Brighton and Hove. For more professional pictures I would recommend that you look at WhyWhatWhere, Dave Boys’ professional gallery of photos taken on behalf of Macmillan.


5 thoughts on “Brighton Marafun

  1. Mr testicles looks like Hungover Spongebob- with a 5 o’clock shadow.

    Like the blog so far Blacktit- nice work- v. impressed.

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